Technology Academy

Our Technology Academy aims to bring technology and innovation to Queens.

Take a look at some of our offerings below.

Standalone Technology Classes

The Austin Space currently offers the following standalone classes throughout the year:


Youth Technology Initiative Program

The Youth Technology Initiative Program is geared towards introducing technology to students age 13+.  This 3 month program will cover fundamentals of programming.  Students will learn basics to designing & building out their own projects using Scratch. This is a great opportunity to kickstart student's dream job and get a competitive edge for high school, college, and even their future careers! Referral program available.


iOS Development Program (Beginner and Intermediate Levels available)

The iOS Development Program is geared towards anyone who's always wanted to learn to create an iPhone app. This 3 month program will teach students how to build a full featured app. You will learn how iOS works, how to create views, animations, controllers, and so much more! Referral program available.


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Introduction to Electronics

The Introduction to Electronics program will cover fundamentals to designing and working with circuits. Students will hands on be designing circuits, working with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, to create cool projects including voice controlled lights, robots, and so much more!


Web Design and Development

This 3 month weekend based course is designed to teach a foundation of evergreen web technologies that are the basis behind every site on the web. Students will be taught traditional HTML and CSS to create web pages and later JavaScript and jQuery to create interactions with those pages. The goal for this course is for the student to create their own web pages that push the limits of their newly acquired skills.

Amazon Alexa

This 1 month weekend based course is designed to teach you the skills needed to build your own custom Alexa voice experience.  From learning to turn on your lights with your voice to creating an automated solution for your home, this course will teach you the fundamentals to the Alexa Skill Kit, best user experience, and you'll learn some Javascript along the way! Oh and you get a free Amazon Echo Dot!